Friday, April 22, 2005


43 small doctors walked into a 43 story building with a giant sign on the front that said simply, "Do Not Enter." The 43 doctors went to the roof of the 43rd story and all stood on the highest tip of the highest perch they could find and huddled against each other for warmth and balance.

A mighty breeze came by and one doctor was knocked off the building, leaving only 42.

One doctor looked to his brethren and asked, "How many?"

41 perplexed doctors, not knowing exctly what quantity he was talking about looked back at him and responded, "How many what?"

Just then a stiff wind appeared, and being at least as strong as a mighty breeze, it knocked off another doctor from the building.

The one doctor thought about their response for a minute, and deciding that it was no longer relevant because they were one less now, simply repeated himself. "How many?"

Once again, the 40 doctors looked at the one doctor, and still not comprehending, repeated their response, "How many what?"

Just as they finished their response a mild gale ripped over them, and since any gale, even a mild one, blew at least as strong as a stiff breeze, another doctor was knocked off the building, leaving only 39 confused doctors and one doctor wondering why, who immediately repeated his question, but in a stronger voice because now he feared that his time might now be soon and thought that asking in louder voice might produce better results, "HOW MANY?"

"How many what?" came the expected reply from the 39, expected except to the one who had asked how many.

Well just then a rather a calm storm ripped through the building, and since any storm, even a rather calm one, was at least as strong as a mild gale, another doctor was knocked off the building. But this time, since there were fewer feet on the edge of the building, the poor doctor managed to find space to grab on, and was not knocked off completely.

The one doctor looked at the other 39 doctors who were almost 38 but now not, and, after turning his answer over in his head for a short few minutes, said, "Forty! Or three fewer!"

And so that's we came to find out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Forty. Or possibly three fewer than what you started with. Hard to say exactly.